International Workshop in Morocco


The company "AT Biopharm" has participated as a general sponsor of the seminar "Prospects and expectations of veterinary drugs and feed supplements application in the field of livestock breeding and poultry farming", Rabat (Morocco), 2014.

The first International Workshop was organized together by Union of poultry breeders in Ukraine Association and The Ukraine-Morocco Friendship Association.

The seminar was attended by: Yaroslav Koval, Ambassador of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Morocco; Fakiri Mohammed, the president of The Ukraine-Morocco Friendship Association, and Gasim Salah - an expert in Ukraine-Morocco economic relations development.

In the scope of the seminar, the specialists of LLC AT Biopharm have presented the reports on "Coccidiostats and Feed Supplements", it was about the new coccidiostats:

- Maduro, Maduro Forte, Salimix, Salimix Plus;

- Bioenradin - antimicrobal agent, which acting in digestive tract;

- and more wider description of coccidiostat - Diacox

The superiority of Vitamins and uniqueness of Hepatonic manufactured by LLC “AT Biopharm” were represented in the next one report.

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