Powder for oral administration



Light brown powder.


1 g of the drug contains:

active ingredient: salinomycin sodium – 120 mg;

excipient - calcium carbonate.

Pharmacological properties 

ATCvet: QP51. Antiprotozoals. QP51AH01. Salinomycin.

Salinomycin is an eimeriostatic of the ionophore group, which is effective against eimeriae (E. acervulina, E. tenella, E. brunetti, E. maxima, E. necatrix, E. mivati, E. meleagridis, E. meleagrimitis, E. bovis) in the stages of sporozoites, trophozoites and schizoites of the first generation. The drug inhibits transport of monovalent ions of Na+ and К+ through cell membrane of a single-cell parasite, which causes its death. Salinomycin is also effective against gram-positive (Clostridium spp.) and gram-negative microorganisms (Serpulina (Treponema) hyodysenteriae). It increases weight gaining ratio and feed conversion ratio in ruminants and swine.


Treatment and prevention of coccidiosis in hens (broilers, chickens, pullets) up to 12 weeks of age, in cattle and sheep (calves and lambs with developed proventriculi), swine.


The drug is fed with feed in the following doses:

- hens (broilers, chickens, pullets) – 500 g of the drug per 1 t of the feed (0.5 g of the drug per 1 kg of the feed);

- swine of up to 4 months of age – 250-450 g of the drug per 1 t of the feed;

- swine of 4 to 6 months of age – 250 g of the drug per 1 t of the feed;

- young cattle stock and sheep (3 months old and above) – 100-250 g of the drug per 1 t of the feed.

Mix Salimix® thoroughly with the feed. In order to ensure even mixing its recommended to mixed firstly  with minor part of the feed (3-10% of total quantity), then the blend obtained is mixed with the rest of the feed.


Hypersensitivity to salinomycin.

Do not administer to laying hens. Do not administer to calves and lambs with undeveloped proventriculi. Do not prescribe in combination with other anticoccidial drugs. It is forbidden to administer Salimix® in combination with tiamulin as well as in 7 days prior to and in 7 days following administration of tiamulin. Do not administer to horses and other odd-toed animals.


Uneven mixing of the drug with feed, uneven consumption of the medicated feed (hungry, ill animals) as well as excess of recommended concentrations of the drug in feed may in certain cases result to decrease in productivity of animals and even in occurrence of clinical signs of intoxication.

Poultry slaughter for meat is possible in 1 day following the last administration of the drug. Slaughter of swine, calves, lambs is possible unrestricted.


Paper and combined bags of 1 kg, bags of 25 kg.


Store in original packaging in a dry, dark place out of the reach of children and animals at 0-30°C.

Shelf life

2 years.

Useful information about the drug