Powder for oral administration



Light brown powder.


1 g of the drug contains:

active ingredient: maduramycin ammonium – 10 mg;

excipient - crushed wheat.

Pharmacological properties

ATCvet: QP51. Antiprotozoals. QP51AX10. Maduramycin.

Maduramycin is an eimeriostatic of the ionophore group. It is active against eimeria (Eimeria tenella, E. acervulina, E. necatrix, E. mivati, E. maxima, E. brunetti) at the stages of sporozoites, trophozoites and schizoites of the first generation. The mechanism of action is based upon disruption of transportation of monovalent ions of Na+ and К+ through cell membrane of the parasite with its further death.


Treatment and prevention of coccidiosis caused by various Eimeria species in hens (broilers, chickens, pullets up to 16 weeks of age) and turkeys of up to 12 weeks of age.


The drug is fed to poultry with feed in a dose of 500 g of the drug per 1 ton of feed (0.5 g of the drug per 1 kg of feed).

Maduro® is thoroughly mixed with feed: firstly – with minor part (3-10% of total quantity), then the blend obtained is mixed with the rest.


Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to maduramycin. Do not administer to laying hens. Do not prescribe in combination with other anticoccidials. It is prohibited to feed Maduro® in 7 days before, during and in 7 days after administration of tiamulin.


Uneven mixing of the drug with feed, uneven eating of feed containing the drug (in case animals are hungry or ill), exceeding the recommended concentration of the drug in feed may in some cases result in decrease in productivity of animals and even in development of clinical signs of their intoxication.

Slaughter of poultry for meat is possible in 5 days following the last administration of the drug.


Paper or combined packages of 1 kg and bags of 25 kg.


Store in original packaging in a dry, dark place out of the reach of children and animals at 0-30°С.

Shelf life

1 year.

Useful information about the drug