Solution for oral administration



Transparent blue liquid. 


1 l of the feed supplement contains:

active ingredients: zinc acetate – 10 g; copper sulfate – 10 g; formic acid – 260 g; propionic acid – 100 g; lactic acid – 120 g;

excipient -  purified water – up to 1 l.

Biological properties

Acimix® is a mixture of organic acids and their salts, compounds of zinc and copper, which ensures antimicrobial and antifungal effect of the acidifier.

The acidifier facilitates optimization of digestive processes in swine and poultry, prevents growth of fungus and bacteria (Salmonella spp., E. coli etc.) in drinking water and feeds. It reduces pH of drinking water, which makes it possible to maintain purity in water supply systems (removal of biological film and prevention of its formation).


The acidifier is used to protect drinking water against yeast, mold, pathogenic bacteria and to destroy biological film in water supply systems (particularly, following application of drugs and vaccines with drinking water), to improve balance of digestive tract microflora and to prevent development of diarrhea in swine and poultry, to reduce pH of contents of digestive tract, to facilitate more effective intake of nutrients due to improvement of activity of digestive enzymes and appetite.


Administer orally with drinking water (swine, broiler chickens, laying hens) in doses of 1-2 l of the acidifier per 1000 l of drinking water. This solution is fed for at least 12 hours per day in the dose of 1 l of the acidifier per 1000 l of drinking water and for at least 8 hours in the dose of 2 l of the acidifier per 1000 l of drinking water. The duration of feeding makes 5-10 days.

Pour 1% acidifier solution into the water supply system for cleaning (exposure period – at least 12 hours). Wash the system with cold flowing water upon application. Do not use the water to feed animals during cleaning of water supply system.


No contraindications.


Do not use concurrently with drugs and vaccines.

Amicix® causes irritation to eyes, respiratory system and skin; it is dangerous if swallowed. In case of contact with skin or eyes rinse them immediately with plenty of water. Do not inhale evaporations. If you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (present the label of the acidifier to the doctor).


Plastic cans of 5 l.


Store in a dark place out of the reach of children at 0-30°С.

Shelf life

2 years.

24 hours following dissolution in drinking water.